Monday, July 16, 2007


Our family, as crazy as we are, are going on a little road trip! We will be driving from Boise to Montana, with a couple stops in between. This will be Harper's first big trip and we are a little apprehensive since he barely likes to ride to the grocery store. I am planning on sitting in back with him hoping this will make him happy. We'll see.
So we will leave Wednesday morning and drive to Riggins, about 4 hours away (5-6 hours if you are traveling with 4 little kids!). We are staying in our favorite lodge and probably won't be going out much as the temps there have been around 110 degrees!! YUCK! The kids will be able to swim and they love to hang out downstairs by the fireplace and play board games and do puzzles. Oh, and their favorite, fresh baked cookies and milk in the evening. This, and this alone, is enough to make this their favorite place to stay! Then Thursday we will drive to Polson, Montana where we will be staying with Tony's parents. We are staying until the following Wednesday, then it's on the road again for us. Riley and Niko will be staying an additional week, so we will only have half the kids on the way home. This may make it easier, or harder, and unfortunately we do not have priviledge of knowing which beforehand.
Niko and I are getting our hair cut tomorrow so check back for some before and after pics :)
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