Tuesday, February 26, 2008

goods 4 girls!!

you may have seen the tv commercials from tampax and always about young girls in areas of africa that are often unable to attend school during their time of the month due to inadequate feminine hygiene supplies. apparently these big companies have offered their products to these girls. but, what if we instead supplied these young girls with reusable cloth pads~ pads they can wash and use, over and over and over. i recently came across the goods 4 girls organization and their goal is to do just that! through donations they hope to provide reusable menstrual supplies to these girls who would otherwise be using newspaper, rags, camel skin or nothing at all. providing disposible supplies to these communities causes additional burdens to their enviroment and living conditions.

want to donate? it is easy! visit the donation page of the goods 4 girls site and you will be given links to several shops that sell cloth pads as well as a pattern page for those who would like to sew cloth pads to give. as soon as i can wrangle an afternoon to sit at my machine i am going to sew some pads to donate.

want more enlightnment on this subject? read more about it at blogher.

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