Thursday, February 21, 2008

a list...

a list... why haven't i thought of this before?? here is what i have been up too...
i cut my hair, again!

and after!


i took a care package to my friend monique who slipped and broke her ankle earlier in the week. please stop by and wish her well!

i picked out fabric for my reversible emmeline apron. now, i just need to find time to cut and sew...

we decided to set up the crib in our bedroom so harper can sidecar next to our bed. he still co sleeps with us but i want to be able to lay him down for the 2 or 3 hours after he falls asleep until i am ready for bed. after a traumatizing first night (traumatizing for both harper and mama!) we went to the book store and bought a copy of "the no- cry sleep solution" i have been reading it every spare second and so far i love it! i will definitely keep you all posted on how it works for us. harper agrees that it was a very wise purchase!

esme' was having a shy day and did not want her photo taken at the book store coffee shop.

come on, can't a little girl enjoy her hot cocoa in peace without the paparazzi in her face??!!

and, mom victoriously sneaks one quick photo in before she can hide her face in her jacket!

one last thing, i will be stocking a few goodies at Majestic tomorrow!


Kim said...

Cuuuute hair! I love it!!!

We do the side car also, it is really nice. When we move to our new place (on Monday, ack!) I think that A will start going to sleep in her room with S. It will be scary for both of us. I'll have to be sure to find my copy of NCSS too. :)

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

ooh la la. love the new 'do! what a cute post and cute kids. :)

i am cursing myself for having sold off our crib. we never used it w/ ava, but i think it would have come in handy now with julian. oh well.