Sunday, February 15, 2009

desperately seeking color

okay, it dawned on me while folding laundry this morning that i wear the same colors nearly every day. bleh, how did that happen?! this has to stop. so what other colors look good on a pale redhead? help a mama out... please!


tanya904 said...
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tanya904 said...

I'll try to help ya out a bit :)
I think that Turquoise looks really lovely , it is a vibrant color and will add warmth to your skin tone
I've seen pictures of Miranda Hobbes in this color and it looks great
You should wear colors that you love and feel happy in :)

Jilly said...

Green is so easy when you're a redhead, isn't it?
Warm orange-reds are some of my favorites. Or a warm burgandy. Deep yellows and bright greens, and warmish navy blues too. In summer I find I can get away with turquoise and pink, but not in winter. Also some creams and browns might feel a bit lighter.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I have red/blonde hair and I stick with earthy tones A LOT... in fact, I used to be told that I never wore 'color' because you could always see me in brown, black, green, or grey. lol... So I started putting on a pink scarf everynow and then. It has to have green or brown in it, but when you find the right pink scarf, it will change your world! What else? Everynow and again I switch my black or brown with white. And I get compliments all day long. lol... and stripy socks. I love stripy socks! They never match my outfit (I would hate that) but they never clash either, and it gives just a punch drunk bit of color that you can flash people with every now and again.

What else??? I love what the poster above said about turquoise... it might work for you. It has to be a super vibrant blue to work for me.

Oh, and this year, I added in dark purple. lol... I know I know... same color tones... but it is a different color! And it may just be a bit of change you are looking for.

I honestly feel that if I change my base colors, because I am SO pale, it makes me look dead. That isn't a look I am going for. So I like to bring in bits of color instead of shirts full of color. A dark purple tank top under a black shirt. A pink scarf. A pair of purple, gray, and blue striped socks with said purple and black tank combo and pink scarf with my black pants, and brown jackets... it works.

Love Val

Rachel said...

Light pink?

Amybel said...

I agree about the turquoise or maybe a robin's egg blue. Goes great with jeans!

jmae3 said...

Blue-light and dark, grey, green, brown, cream (because you're not too pale cheeked) Black if you wear your hair up and make sure to do your eye makeup!

kraftykash said...

I am a creature of habit when it comes to the color of my shirt. I always wear black. On occasion you will find me in a different color, but I cant stand it!!

cici said...

I tend to wear the same colors too. Good question. I will have to think about it.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I actually like your colors! But lately I've tried to implement at least one or two of the new colors "in" right now. What about turquoise or purple... I am sure any color would be great on you!


Miss Mac said...

I have had the same problems my entire life being a pale red head.
I stayed away from greens because that is what I was told all red heads should wear. (oh yeah I'm a rebel)
I think that any shade of blue works, as well as some yellows. Orange if you can handle a soft orange.
I also stray away from pinks but only because as a teenager somebody told me I looked like Molly Ringwald. So I don't wear pink so nobody tells me I look "pretty in Pink"
As for you though,mix it up until you find things that you think you look good in.