Monday, February 09, 2009

random:: a list

:: after 4 days of gorgeous Spring like weather, we got snow today.

:: esme' asked me for a name stamp this morning so she won't have to write her name on her papers at school anymore.

:: harper yells back at the tea kettle. i get boiling water whistle in stereo!

:: i knit a little pair of wool shorts for harper with a cute cabled owl pattern on the bum. the owl chart came from a hat pattern which was knit from the bottom up. since the shorts are knit from the top down it makes sense to reverse the owl pattern, right? wrong. the owlies are up side down. at least i have until may to fix them.

:: and, some random cuteness- check out my baby wearing sweetie!

hope you are having a happy monday!


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1 comment:

kraftykash said...

Hi Erika,
The name stamp is a fabulous idea. She might make money offthat one someday! :)