Sunday, February 01, 2009

a knitting (and spinning!) post

this is my new favorite hat. it seems that i have a new favorite hat every few weeks, right? but i LoVe hats, and i especially LoVe this one! it is the side slip cloche from boutique knits. the yarn is berroco inca gold purchased at the best little fiber shop ever! i was wearing another little handknit in this photo but i couldn't get a decent pic of it. i will try again tomorrow because it is cute!

i also played with my spinning wheel this week and produced a lovely 4 ounce skein of thick and thin wool. thick and thin meaning my spinning was a little inconsistent resulting in this yarn that is over spun in some spots and under spun in others... something that will surely be impossible to recreate down the road when i decide to purposely spin thick and thin... but i digress.

esme' has decided it should be knit up into something lovely for her. hmmm, a favorite hat, perhaps?
next in line for the spinning wheel- hand painted roving from painted moth. YuM!


Lovely Little Lovelies said...

that hat! it's fabulous and you wear it well. that yarn and roving is to die for. mmm, it all looks so yummy!

kraftykash said...

That hat is great! Goes well with your colors. :)
I love the last color of yarn. I start a yarn class tomorrow. Wish me luck!

aubrey elliott said...

oh my goodness, that hat is GORGEOUS! you pull it off beautifully!

Michelle said...

That handspun is beautiful! I just made my first handspun on my drop spindle last week. I told my DH he needs to add a spinning wheel to his list of projects! ;0)

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

that is a cuuuute hat! and i have to say i LOVE your hair in your profile pic (the color and style). :)