Monday, June 22, 2009

i dig onions

my kids however, not so much. i have tried to grow onions in the past with little or no success. we planted a few sets of red onions last year and got nothing. then, just as soon as the weather warmed and it was time to plant this year's garden the onions from last year started to grow. when big blooms formed at the top of their stalks and they were ready to bolt we harvested them. here is what we got - several red onions about the size of golf balls. by far, our best onion harvest to date!

yesterday tony pulled some organic, local ground beef from the freezer. we rarely eat ground beef, so i wasn't even sure what to do with it. after doing a quick inventory of our kitchen cupboards i found some rice and a couple cans of cream of mushroom soup. these ingredients plus some frozen peas from our garden last year, baby carrots, and our tiny red onions became dinner. we also had a delicious loaf of potato-rosemary bread from a local bakery.

it was a great one skillet meal and everyone happily gobbled it down. towards the end of the meal esme' discovered a chunk of onion in her nearly empty bowl. "is this a tooth?!" she exclaimed. "no, it is one of the onions from our garden" i said. she looked it over, she hesitated, but then quickly finished her dinner, onion teeth and all! 'cause everything tastes good when it is grown in your very own dirt!

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Awwwwwww... very first baby onions! That is awesome! I started at the farm last weekend... joy of local food! OH! I and the best news of all, I am about 3 miles from a really wonderful organic meat provider. How cool is that??