Monday, June 15, 2009

make good :: crafts+ life

the day went a little like this ::

we left the house to run a quick errand and made an impromptu stop at the bookstore to take a peek. i lifted this book off of the shelf and couldn't put it down. once it was in my hands i knew i had to have it. from the bookstore we walked to the fabric store so i could buy insul bright and twill tape.

we then headed home (after a small detour for iced coffee) where i immediately dove into my bag of fabric scraps and carefully created the patchwork pot holder from the book. it will go into my seasonal celebrations swap package.

ah yes, monday was good!


kraftykash said...

That turned out cute! Is there anything between the fabric? LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Here's too good Mondays. I love it!

heather jane said...

That book would make my heart very, very happy. It's on the list. And once again...I LOVE the potholder. Big Love.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

ThAnK YoU!!!

kashoan, there is a layer of insul bright in between the 2 fabric layers. you can find it at jo anns, or probably most fabric stores :)

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

loving that potholder in so many ways.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That is awesome! You always put together the coolest fabrics. :) I love the bird in the center.