Thursday, March 18, 2010

sheep - wool - farm

during our recent weekend get away we drove by this sweet little sheep farm. it is beautiful, nestled in the canyon right next to the river. all of the sheep were freshly naked of their fleece. i couldn't help but stop and say hello and take a few photos of them- and thank them for their woolly sacrifice, of course!

a few summers ago while we were camping right up the road the man who owns this farm herded his flock right through our campsite on their way to a nearby grazing spot. that is a pretty exciting event if you love sheep as i do.

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i am already day dreaming of a summer trip- tent camping, road side berry picking, river rock throwing, open fire cooking... and of course a friendly visit to the deep canyon, river side sheep farm.

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Katidids said...

Great pics! I cant wait for camping season, nothing more relaxing that the smell of a campfire!