Tuesday, March 09, 2010

stitches of the not so crafty kind

i write about stitches quite often here on my blog- knit stitches and sewn stitches... but this afternoon we experienced medical stitches... not so fun.

this was the classic tale of toddler + pavement = emergency room trip to put one little stitch in harper's forehead to keep the tiny but gaping gash closed so it can heal properly.

he was brave beyond belief and was given a special new friend, and a sucker, and many, many hugs and kisses and snuggles from every member of the family.

he is on the road to recovery now and he has a big story to tell everyone he talks to, and we hope to only share stitches of the crafty sort from now on! right this very second i am off to snuggle and hug and kiss some more...
good night, friends!


Amy said...

Man, it must be in the air... I was sure Liam broke his nose yesterday. He decided that it would be fun to ride his ride on toy down my stairs. It was a real bloody mess and his nose looked a mess... but all was well.

Give Harper a big snuggle from us. <3

frugalmom said...

awww man! That totally stinks. I can't believe that is 11 years of parenting we have only had one kid get stitches once. Hope Harper feels better soon!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Poor sweet guy! {{{hugs}}} and healing vibes to him <3


kraftykash said...

Bummer! But look at those eyes. He is going to have girls swooning all over him. What a handsome boy!

Darcy's Knotty Knitter said...

I hope he is feeling better soon.
My son when he was four was bitten on the face by a dog and we had to hold him down for stitches it was hard as a mom to see him so upset now his 25th birthday is fast approaching and I miss my little boy.(((Hugging You)))) Darcy

Skooks said...

Poor baby! We just took our little guy for his first ER visit (no worries, he was perfectly fine). Hope he heals up quickly!

Also stopping by to say I gave you a little shout out on my latest blog post. :)

Ryanne said...

Poor guy! In a spot like that you can use a butterfly bandaid to keep things closed, they are handy to have around and prevent ER trips :)