Monday, March 08, 2010

this hat

i really did not want to knit this hat. normally i love creating handmade gifts for friends, and even for friends of friends.

this hat was knit for a friend of my mom's. her best friend, in fact. her best friend who was recently and unexpectedly diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. she went in for some tests on a thursday afternoon in february and was admitted to the hospital the next morning where she remains today. her chemotherapy was started two days after she was diagnosed and she began losing her hair a week later. someone kindly brought her some hats to wear but they all resembled ski hats- very plain and practical. my mom and i decided that she needed something cute and girly.

i knit the hat in a couple short days. with each stitch i was reminded just how quickly things can change. how you can be living your life today and tomorrow have the rug pulled right out from under you. how precious every day, each moment really is. how lucky i am to have been able to pass on a special gift to a special friend in her time of need.

today i am grateful for this hat and the reflection that accompanied it. lessons in living where you least expect them... this is life, friends.


winterpeachblog said...

Lovely hat. Best of wishes to the friend with leukemia. Arlene

Angela Mobley said...

Hello! i found you on Ravelry...I love your blog! We have lots in common. I am sorry for your friend with indeed...but still sad.

A Homeschool Story said...

Gorgeous hat, and made for an occasion that I sadly share. A dear friend, very young with six children, one still a nursing baby, has been diagnosed with cancer. I want to knit her a pretty hat for the inevitable day when she will need it. Is this a pattern you can tell me where to find? I will make it purple, her favorite color, but a cool sort of purple.