Friday, December 03, 2010

handmade workshop :: market eve

inspired mama MAKES! will be making an appearance at the hip holiday craft market tomorrow. local friends, please do stop by and say hello! here are some of the sweet little goodies i have loving hand crafted just for this event ::

whimsical coloring wallets

learn to knit kits that include a handy little tote, a mini skein of hand painted wool yarn and a set of handmade knitting needles with fabric button caps to match the totes *swoon*.

so many adorable prints to choose from.

i have lots of super fun stocking stuffers too - book marks, rings, hair ties and wool felt flower headbands...

and how fun are these eye spy bags?! everyone in my house has enjoyed playing with them including my husband and my 20 year old brother.

i can't wait to send all of this handmade goodness off to loving homes.
handmade workshop ::2010 has begun!
happy weekend, friends.


Holly said...

Oh I love that you list the contents of the I spy pouch on the back! Thanks for reminding me that I started collecting little whatnots to eventually make one for my son. I won't be ready by Christmas, but maybe Easter???

Tina Peterson said...

Do you sell the patterns for the crayon wallets or have a bag that would actually hang off of my recliner for crochet hooks and yarn? I'd love something like that.

Tina "The Book Lady"

Val in the Rose Garden said...

ADORABLE! What a brilliant idea for a crayon roll! You are amazing.

BTW, your package is being sent out with our gifts for friends and family this week, I hope you enjoy all the fabric. We are REALLY enjoying the yarn you sent. :) We are making each bit into a wool ball for the new baby. I want a basket of wool balls before he is born, but before he turns one may be a better goal right now.

Hope you are having a stunning Tuesday Erika!



KipperKnitter said...

WOW----love your learn to knit tote with the matching handmade knitting needles and the yarn. Do you happen to ship these bags and if so, how much? I also love the wonderful fabrics you use, especially the owl fabrics! Thanks so much!

Marilyn said...

I love all of the fabrics you chose for your designs. Could you tell me who the manufacture/designer is for the fabric for the learn to knit bag? I heart polka dots and I'd love to purchase some fabric just like it. Thank you!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

thanks bunches for all of your kind comments! let's see...

holly :: thank you so much - we love the eye spy bags around here!and we were tired of losing the list of contents so i started attaching the list to the bags ;)

tina peterson :: i do not sell a pattern for the coloring wallets, but there are a few tutorials and patterns available for similar items online. a bag to hold you your crochet hooks and yarn is very possible... let me see what i can come up with!

val :: so happy to hear that you love the yarn! can't wait to see what you come up with ♥

KipperKnitter :: the little knit kits are so much fun! i just got home from the very last holiday show and have 4 of them left - i plan to list them on etsy and will send you a link when they are available... probably a couple days from now :)

marilyn :: i believe that fabric is mod dots from alexander henry. i love polka dots too!