Sunday, December 19, 2010

winter happenings

tree trimming

taking a break at the winter garden a glow event to feed the baby

saying hello to prancer. we are old friends.

chatting with santa.
i am pretty sure he remembers us from last year. especially since my kids are still wearing the same cold weather gear from last winter {see link above}.
this year harper sat and talked with him. luca declined.

i participated in the very last craft show of the season yesterday. it was a lot of fun but a lot of work and i am welcoming a break. thank you to everyone who came to visit me! it makes me so happy to think about all of the toys that i lovingly handmade tucked away in stockings and under trees waiting to be discovered by excited little ones.

now we are busy planning our solstice celebration. so far it looks like it will include a made from scratch feast, a handmade gift exchange and a christmas light tour.

happy winter wishes, friends. enjoy your week!

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Robyn said...

It was good to see you yesterday, even just briefly. Enjoy your Solstice!