Sunday, May 01, 2011

birthday, birthday, BIRTHDAY month!

one year ago i looked like this.

we were patiently waiting for our new baby to arrive. we didn't know if a new little boy or girl would be joining our family but we didn't have much longer to wait.

and now we are excitedly planning a first birthday celebration for our little guy. next weekend our luca-bird will be one year old!

and that's not all - harper and esme also have birthdays in may. may is birthday month is our home! lots of planning and partying, and singing. yummy cake and favorite meals. handmade gifts and cards in the mail.

we love may and all of the happy days that it brings. in the celebration spirit we decided we would like to include you all in our birthday fun. we will be hosting a super-fun handmade GiVeAwAy for each kiddo's birthday this month! that's right, all three of them! you won't want to miss out!

the first giveaway will be posted on saturday may 7th in honor of little luca's first year.

we look forward to seeing you, so don't forget!
until then, happy may day, friends!


Janey said...

sigh, you look so lovely in that pregger picture. You are beautiful!!!

amchart said...

Just came across your post and had to share. I'm due December 22. I already have kids with birthdays December 5, 14 & 25. December is definitely birthday month at our house!