Thursday, May 05, 2011

small style :: favorites

my favorite small boys in their favorite small style ::

favorite thrifted pirate tee. i wash it, he wears it. very seldom does it make it to his drawer.

this is currently his favorite pair of shoes. glow-in-the-dark halloween faux crocs (those are little ghosts on the top of each shoe) at least a size too big. but they are quick and easy to put on and we haven't bought sandles yet so i am just going with it for now.

our favorite cloth diaper - cute little owls sewn by my talented friend jess.

favorite bottoms - knit-by-mama monster pants. they are wool and also function as his cloth diaper cover.

and luca's favorite footwear... none at all. thank goodness summer is right around the corner!

oh, and he is walking now. so nearly all of my photos look...




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Brianna said...

WOW! Love Luca's longies. Great job Mama!!!


Tiffany Hook-Garcia said...

Yeah for boys! My son would Love that pirate tee too. Great find.

Morgan said...

What precious little guys you have! My two oldest boys each had that shirt (and now it's been passed down to my three year old) and wore them exactly the same. As much as possible! It's too cute!

I love those wool monster bottoms!

Erica said...

I am a huge fan of the cloth diaper look, and now with warmer weather my girl is going to be clad in nothing but her dipes when we are at home. Because it is adorable.

Also adorable, in my books, those moster bottoms. Too much!