Thursday, May 19, 2011

small style :: bossy pants

while out and about on a recent thrifting trip we discovered this little gem - brand new, bright red suspenders, still in the original packaging. you just simply can't leave something like that at the store, friends. i wasn't sure if harper would even wear them but it turns out he is easily convinced when little clampy buckles are involved. 

 my favorite part is the little leather cross-patch on the back that says "THE BOSS". there have been a lot of "what's up, boss?" and "you're the boss!" tossed around the house since the suspenders arrived, usually delivered in a thick jersey accent for full effect.
and here is what the package has to say about little red suspenders for kids ::
For kids who aspire to be a contractor, fireman, or just want to look cool, Little Red Suspenders are the answer.

okay seriously, who can argue with that?!

i am linking up with morgan at mama loves papa today - pay her a visit for more sweet small style!


sarasophia said...

I completely agree....I think red suspenders might ALWAYS be the answer ;)

Adorable outfit.

--Sara Sophia

Erica said...

How fun. I love your girl's quirky sense of style. What a little spark.

felicia said...

I totally agree with the suspender package! I wish I could get my son to wear suspenders! I may have to try to snap a pair onto my daughter.

Lil Muse Lily said...

not everyone can pull off suspenders. he definitely can. adorable!

Morgan said...

Oh my, those suspenders (and your little guy) could not be more adorable. Love them and I'm pretty sure I'm on a hunt for a pair (or three) for my little guys.

Citlalli said...

Adorable little guy and red suspenders!!

ingrid said...

How fabulous!
And I love the spiel on the package, what kid wouldn't want suspenders after reading that.