Monday, October 17, 2011

meet heidi :: humble luna

 i am thrilled to introduce you to heidi, the extremely talented mama behind humble luna. my littles love dress up - capes, crowns, hats, old halloween costumes - it is make believe all the time around here. heidi makes many fantastic items for small people including pants, smocks, hand knits and the most amazing and fun plush dragon tails!  read her introduction, check out her shop and be sure to like her facebook page so you can stay updated on all of her lovely offerings! xo

Tell us about yourself and the wonderful things that you create!
When did you learn your craft and who taught you?  I taught myself to sew while I was in High school and made a lot of my own clothing. After my oldest child was born I became obsessed with making and designing her Halloween costumes and would look forward to them all year. Now that I have two children( and another on the way) I enjoy making and designing costumes and clothing for them more than for myself but I am sure I will find time to make things for me again in the future. 

Where do you get inspiration for your handmade items? The dragon tail costumes that I sell in my Etsy shop were inspired from my time as an intern as a textile designer at the Portland Children's museum. My job was to dream up costumes for each exhibit and then I would design and create the costumes that were then used by hundreds of children each day. It was wonderful, like Halloween every day of the year. The costumes I designed for them had to be gender neutral, suitable for varying ages, easy to put on and take off and they had to be really durable. One of my most successful costumes were the dragon tails. They have lasted at the museum for several years.  I got so many compliments from parents and the staff at the museum that I decided to make them to sell on my own when my internship with them had ended.

Are there any new items in the works for your shop? Yes, there are many. I have a few new costume ideas and I have been working on new clothing designs such as pants, hats and boots and will be adding them to my shop once my Halloween rush is over. I also plan to add several items for newborns and very young babies. Since I am pregnant I am thinking a lot about teeny tiny people and what I can make for them. Plus I will have a new model soon to try out all my baby clothing designs;) I also will be adding more hand knit items to my shop very soon for the winter season.

Do you have any other hobbies or passions? Besides knitting and sewing I also love to paint and draw. I went to Art School for illustration and I dream of being a Childrens book illustrator. I wrote and illustrated a story for my thesis in Art School and hope to more aggressively pursue it's publication in the future. For now I am busy enough being a stay at home mom and sewing for HumbleLuna.

Please let us know where we can find you - etsy, blog, facebook, etc. You can find my shop at, and HumbleLuna is also on Facebook.  I blog about knitting, sewing, the beautiful state of Oregon and  precious times with my family at Under the Humble Moon,

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