Saturday, October 08, 2011

pumpkin patch {and a giveaway winner!}

yesterday we packed up and headed to the pumpkin patch. we were supposed to meet esme's girl scout troop there. however rather than look at a map before leaving the house i simply looked at the address and thought that i could drive right to it. after we were lost for 20 minutes we finally arrived but her girl scout friends were no longer waiting out front. sad little miss. but she got over it pretty quick and we went ahead and did all of the pumpkin patch activities by ourselves.
this was minutes after we arrived. not sure why harper is the one with a grumpy face on.

  here we are on the hay ride to the pumpkin fields.

we made it!

this pumpkin was good for sitting but too big for us to carry.

but these are the right size {uh oh, grumpy face is back!}

they played in this giant box of wheat and corn for about 30 minutes.

these little piggies were so cute! but poor luca was terrified of the obnoxiously loud donkey across the way so we didn't get to visit them for long.

esmé and harper rode the barrel train on our way out then it was time to take my sleepy crew and their pumpkins home. we had a great time even though we never did see the girl scouts. next time i will look at a map. i promise. moving on.

and now onto big giveaway winner news! harper chose lucky number 8 to receive the union suit pattern from little lamby knits - rebecca (knittingwithwords) that is you! watch for an email from me!
i will be back tomorrow with another sponsor introduction and giveaway! see you then!


Brown Birdy said...

Esme looks SO grown up suddenly haha...somethinga bout her smile has maturity! When did this happen lol...what a sweetie!

Robyn said...

The kids look forward to the pumpkin patch every fall. I have to admit that I think it's fun too!