Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sarah doll, we love you.

this is sarah. she was esme's handmade christmas doll a couple years ago. she has been dressed up, dressed down, styled, carried, cuddled, played with and loved hard since her holiday arrival. last week she was left out in the yard and got rained on. i discovered her soggy, stained body the next day and nearly cried. esmé did cry. i told tony to please take her to the garbage. but he didn't and she laid on our front porch for several days. we saw poor sarah every time we came and went. i finally picked her up with the intention of throwing her into the garbage. but i just couldn't do it. we put her into the washing machine instead on the delicate cycle with a bit of lavender scented castile soap. 

her wool hair is a tangled mess. her wool stuffing is all clumpy. her pale cotton skin still has water stains. but my heart is so happy she is still here. and her little dress washed up nicely. she probably deserves a brand new one.

have you ever had a special or handmade toy lost or ruined. sad day, yes? because secretly i am feeling just a teeny bit silly for being so upset... over a dolly.

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felicia said...

That is heartbreaking especially since she is handmade. Is there anyway to take her apart and re-stuff her? When I was little I left my favorite stuffed dog at the bank. We didn't realize until after the bank closed. But my mom drove back and there was someone still inside and they sent Peanut Butter out through the vacuum tube thingy. I still have that dog to this day :)