Thursday, January 05, 2012


a quick snapshot of my five on the fifth of the month. they were all a little grouchy and waiting (some patiently, some not so) for dinner to be ready.

i just might post a similar photo of the five of them together on the fifth of every month in 2012, however i am going to run into a little situation around the middle of the year - riley will graduate high school and turn 18 in june. can you believe it? big changes for inspired mama. i suppose the family five photo each month will be a little tricky but i am totally going to try!

{monthly family photo inspired by lovely steph from adventures in babywearing}

also, um, this was supposed to be posted yesterday but i forgot until like 11:58 when i was on my way to bed. let's just pretend for a moment it is the 5th of the month, okay?

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