Tuesday, January 03, 2012


i decided that i was completely serious when i said i was going to devote the entire month of january to selfish projects, just for me. i am going to knit and sew myself some lovely items and not feel one bit guilty.

i have a couple knit skirts all lined up and we are going to head out to the fabric store in a bit for thread. 

i also have that lisette pattern that i bought so many weeks ago on my mind. 

i am currently knitting a brea bag for myself in green - amazing green.

i might stitch up some pretty patchwork potholders for my kitchen and toss all of the old, charred and ugly potholders.

and i need a duvet cover for the down comforter we received as a christmas gift from my mama.

i likely will not get even half of this list completed this month, or this year. but all of these ideas started swimming around my head the second i allowed myself to think only about {me}.

so, how about it, friends... does anyone want to join me in a month of selfish crafting? be sure to let me know so i can come visit and see your wonderful projects! looking forward!

disclaimer :: i started knitting my sweet husband a pair of charcoal gray knucks early last year and still have not completed them. one is finished and the other only needs the cuff. i might take them to our mom's night out this friday and get.them.done!! just to completely clear my conscience, of course. he really does deserve those hand knit knucks!!


Robyn said...

That was supposed to be my goal for this January too. I wanted to catch up on some projects for the kids and make myself a few nice things too, but now that it's here, I feel like I'm overwhelmed with other things that need to get done first. :(

Robyn said...
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Aimee B said...

I think I will join you! I may even blog my work! LOL I need a couple new skirts and I want to finish my arm warmers and a quilted vest.... Yep! Excellent idea! Happy New Year to me! LOL And to you too!

Holly U said...

I'll be taking a week or so just for myself, in honor of my birthday. But I have too many obligations to make it a whole month! You've planted a very tempting seed though. Maybe next year (or later this year)...