Tuesday, January 17, 2012

catching dreams*

busy dreams last night. a result of a busy mind, perhaps? one holding onto more concerns and worries than this mama recognizes?  

let's see, it started with an upsetting dream about parting with my baby carries, every last one of them. i was very sad and reluctantly handing them over to an unknown recipient. the truth is luca just doesn't love to be carried like harper did. i put him on my back when he is extra fussy and often he will sleep but other than that he would rather be free {and wild}. i haven't worn him a single time since he broke his arm. mostly because he is casted up over his elbow so i cannot bend his little arm to get it under the strap.

up next i was browsing around a children's consignment shop when the lady beside me lifted off a shelf the most beautiful blue-green le creuset dutch oven. that's right, at the second hand kid's store. she happily scurried up to the register and paid next to nothing for it while i pouted over tiny jeans and t-shirts.  

and the last dream i remember was about chicken pox, or the lack of pox, rather. three weeks ago my sweet local friend and her kiddos all came down with chicken pox. as soon as i heard i packed my boys into the car, stopped for a take and bake pizza for her family and headed over for a visit. we were at her house for 20 minutes in which time luca played with every toy in her house and with her 4 year old daughter who was covered with pox - bless her little heart. 
so here we sit 19 days later with no sign of chicken pox. esmé and niko have both been exposed and have not had them either. i was really looking forward to getting it over with especially with harper starting school next fall. now what to do? have their titers checked? consider the vaccine and boosters to protect them later in life. 

so friends, that was where my subconscious mind went while i rested. feel free to analyze away! i am sure some processing would be good for me but instead i am going to vacuum homemade granola off the living room rug {second time this morning} and then take my boys out thrifting. and who knows, maybe i will discover something amazing...

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