Saturday, August 26, 2006

Baby news!

We are pregnant!! Just barely, 4 weeks 2 days- approximately! We are so excited- I tested yesterday morning while Tony was at work. I called him right away but he was in the office with a couple other people so we kept the conversation short. I did a massage yesterday afternoon and when I came home he had bought me these pretty roses and had dinner cooking (take and bake vegetarian pizza from Nick and Willy's! YUM!)

We haven't told the kids yet. They have been busy with friends- enjoying the last weekend of vacation before school starts. It will be no surprise to Esme'- she has been talking about Mommy having a Baby for quite some time now. She will tell strangers in stores that I am having a Baby! They all look at me and say congratulations! Is it easier to explain that you are not expecting or just say Thank You? Well, now I guess I can just say Thank You!

I am so excited to knit all the cute little baby patterns I have been drooling over! And soakers!


Jess said...

Whooo Hooo!! I'm so excited for you guys Erika! That was really nice of your DH to get you flowers. ;) You lucky gal. Think he could teach my old dog a few new tricks? LOL

Laurie said...

Erika I am so thrilled. Now I have someone else to knit cute little new things for too.
Hugs, Laurie