Friday, August 11, 2006

Mason-Dixon Knitiing, anyone??

I finally broke down and added this to my knitting library. It has lots of cute patterns, including the prettiest little dish rags I have ever seen. I just might have to add them to my Christmas knitting assortment. I am considering attempting a knitted rug too... so, those of you on my Christmas list, start dropping me some color scheme hints already!!

On a side note, we purchased school supplies today. It is pretty spendy to go to Jr. High!! I've been laying awake at night thinking of my little guy going off to 7th grade. Will he make it?~ will he lose all his things, forget his locker combo, and get hopelessly lost between each class?? Will I be filled with the same emotion I was watching him, my first born walk through the doors of a huge school without me on his way to the first day of kindergarten 7 years ago? Where, oh where does the time go?........

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