Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blog! Who has time to keep a Blog??!

We have been so busy lately. Playing, creating, enjoying the last couple weeks of vacation before the kids go back to school. Riley will be in 7th grade (how the heck did that happen??) Niko in 5th grade, and of course Esme' will be home with Mama for a couple more years.

I have been dyeing yarn and knitting like crazy! Here are some pics of my lastest dyed projects~ Now, what to knit with all this pretty yarn... suggestions anyone?

Some fellow knittas and I had a Magic Yarn Ball Swap a last week. We hand dyed wool yarn and wrapped little goodies inside. The ball of pink, blue, and purple yarn above is the yarn ball I made for the swap. I filled it with wood buttons, 2 point protectors for circs., 2 handmade by tags, a set of 4 stitch markers that I made, and one of my peach bath fizzies. The green and yellow ball is the yarn ball I picked out of the bunch and the other pic is my loot!! Hmmm, it looks an awful lot like my Summer Dawn colorway, doesn't it?

Now our girls are going to do a swap. They are swapping hand-dyed wool yarn so they can make Sophie bags (felted purses) Niko dyed her yarn today~ very pretty! Our future crop of knittas...

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