Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day of school! YAY! Riley went off to Junior High all by himself- well, he was with friends, but opted to not be dropped off by Mom! Everything seemed to go great for him. His locker opened, he found his classes, he wasn't bullied by ninth grades, etc. The first picture is the one I made him pose for while his friends waited, the next one is his gigantic backpack, which you can't tell from the picture but it weighed about 85 pounds! Needless to say he was complaining of shoulder pain last night.

I was still allowed to take Niko to her first day of school! She is starting 5th grade and loves her teacher, Mr. Gagnepain. She, too, had a pretty uneventful day and she said Mr. Gaganepain "is so funny"!
Scroll down and take a look at the Junior Magic Yarn Ball post- see a similarity? That's right- Niko has a new favorite shirt! She wears this little brown shrug all the time. There's a new one each year- sigh!

Here is a picture of Esme' outside the school after we got Niko all settled in. See how downright giddy she is to have Mommy and the house all to herself again?!

And, last but certainly not least, here are Riley's brand spanking new pants. He got them caught in the chain on his bike. Am I surprised? Yes, actually I am- I'm surprised that this is the only thing that we had ripped, broken, lost, etc.!

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