Thursday, October 18, 2007

feeling loved

tony made a quick trip to the grocery store for dog food yesterday and returned home with fresh marinated mozzerella, cherry tomatoes, and organic basil (we had basalmic glaze in the fridge) and disappered into the kitchen to make me this beautiful caprise salad! i was touched my the thoughtfulness it took to seek out the items then prepare one of my favorite foods. * (honey, if you are reading this the salad was awesome and so are you!)

this has got me thinking about how much meaning a meal really has. remember how good it felt to come home from school to a home cooked meal in progress, or a batch of cookies in the oven! i belong to a wonderful group of women (i know i have mentioned them before!) we were all brought together by our cloth diapering preferences, but they have all become treasured friends to me. we have several mamas in the group who have recently or are getting ready to have new babies. i have organized meals to be delivered to these families during the postpartum period. it wasn't until my own baby was born that i realized just how special this is, how heartwarming it is to receive a stew, or a freshly baked loaf of bread, or a batch of muffins. a gift is a lovely thing, but the gift of food is nourishment. hand made goodness. the gift of food is love!


mykalbee said...

Sis, I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything but that part about coming home to a meal in progress or cookies in the oven, were you refering to my mom because she couldn't cook then and rarely did her meals ever invoke such a response other than "hamburger helper again" or my personal favorite "oh God liver and onions"! As for the cookies i remember the ingredients going stale long before she would ever make cookies not to mention once they were made we could never eat them while they were warm and chewy but but only watch as they got harder by the day because they were supposed to last till the end of time. Anyways your salad looks good but I am still not a fan of tomatoes.

erika~ inspired mama said...

lol! actually my mom was an excellent cook and she could bake too... so maybe the few times i came home to it when i was home with her made a huge impression! :)

Christine said...

That salad looks super scrumptious!