Tuesday, October 02, 2007

how did you grow up so fast?

i suddenly find myself the mom to a teenager. it crept up on me, that is for sure. how did these changes take place right under my nose? it seems like just yesterday you were a tiny, new baby. i was a young mama, but a good mama. all i wanted to do it snuggle and kiss and love you. i went back to work when you were just 2 months old. i still cringe at the thought of leaving you with someone else. i would race straight to the child care center the second i was done with work to pick you up. finally the child care provider asked that i not come right in the middle of nap time anymore... it disrupted the other kids. you would think that a mom would appreciate having an hour to herself each and every day, but i didn't. when we got home i would often lay down with you and let you nurse and nurse, sometimes for more than an hour. then i would just hold you for the rest of the evening.

i remember taking you to your first day of school! you were nervous and you hopped around pretending you were pikachu from pokemon. the other kids thought you were very funny and you loved it. i cried tears of joy and sorrow when i left. i couldn't believe how fast those 5 years had gone.

you have been such a blessing in my life. i can't believe all the changes we have gone through since that beautiful day in june when you were born. you became a step son. you became a big brother not once, not twice, but three times. you decided that girls are cute and not always silly and pesky. out of all the kids it is you who hugs me out of the blue for no reason at all. out of all of the kids it is you who closely shares my wit and humor making it fun to laugh and be crazy, not caring that we sound ridiculous to everyone else.

out of all the kids it was you who made me a mother.


Laurie said...

Aw Erika that is so beautiful. To hear a Mama cherish her teenager, it brings tears to my eyes.

pips said...

October, it´s pumpkin time!!! :-)))