Sunday, June 01, 2008


june brings the end of another school year, the beginning of another summer vacation, more birthdays and and daydreams of all the fun to be had!
we attended niko's 6th grade graduation breakfast friday morning. we let everyone else sleep in so it was just the two of us. we had a good time despite the fact that everything i say and do these days embarrasses her. really? because i think i am a pretty hip mom!

i had to capture this moment of my little guy enjoying his picture books. babies are fun to look at upside down! i had one of those panic moments when you suddenly realize that the baby has been too quiet for far too long. i was tickled with relief to find him entertaining himself so un-destructively.
we spent the better part of saturday morning at toy 'r us. they had a big birthday bash for geoffery giraffe which included fun hats and sashes, whistles, a noisy parade around the store and some fun craft projects involving crayons, foam cut-outs and glue. esme' was a little star struck but we did get her to pose for this photo with geoffery. when she saw the picture she exclaimed "it looks like i am wearing high heels!"
and finally a sweet photo of harper and esme' dancing with each other at a friend's beautiful wedding this morning. this is the one and only picture i got at the event. is it murphy's law for the low battery light to appear each time we leave the house with the camera?

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Pinks and Blues said...

Your photos are priceless.

And if you were only able to capture one photo of the wedding... well, it sure is the most perfectly precious!

Happy, happy summer!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues