Monday, June 30, 2008

monday morning

it is already warm. another 100 degree day lies ahead, i am sure.

i just came in from watering my garden and pulling out the tiny weeds that had popped up since yesterday. i picked my first 2 cucumbers! they were planted late in the season and were sorry to begin with so we weren't sure they would make it.

today i am wearing cropped hemp pants, an old navy halter top and flip flops. my hair is in a ponytail. it is getting long enough that i pull it back far too often. i can't decide if i want to cut it short again or let it grow a little.

i am on my way out the door to drop off a very special swap package, and maybe stop and get a cup of coffee. no plans other than that. maybe a trip to the book store. maybe more sewing. or knitting. who knows...

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