Monday, June 23, 2008

summer lovin'!

my summer-time top ten, in no particular order!
1. the sun! i think i was about to crack under the pressure of gray clouds for months and months.
2. my garden. i absolutely love going out each morning to water the plants and see how they have changed. i have my first two tiny green tomatoes and several little cucumbers out there right now!
3. playing outside with the kids until dark. i love hanging out in the back yard watching them run and slide and swing~ esme' will swing for hours and hours. this is the first year she is able to pump her legs so she can swing with no one pushing her.
4. bedtime bath. the kids are filthy from head to toe by the time they come in for the night. sometimes they are barely recognizable! i love putting them in the tub and watching all the dirt and grime rinse away leaving squeaky clean kissable kiddos behind!
5. music! we love live music! alive after five is one of our favorite free events during the summer. there is nothing better than watching your barely walking 13 month old get his groove on at an outdoor concert *swoon*
6. freckles! what is cuter than summer freckles on little noses?!
7. weekend camping trips. okay, i have to admit, i have outgrown my love for sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, but throw in an air matress and i am, pardon the pun, a happy camper!
8. iced coffee!! i am especially loving the menu here!
9. my sewing machine. the change in the weather has promted me to put my knitting needles away and plug in my machine. my sweet, sweet hubby even made it possible for me to sew on the deck out back so i can stitch away while the kids play!
10. this guy has been a huge part of my summer soundtrack. we are looking forward to seeing him live this september, for the third time! we are GreeneHeads!!
wanna play along? visit ashlee at the mama's nest and link up your summer top ten!


Anonymous said...

I love your list! So many of those things are on my list too. Finally it's warm and SUMMER is HERE!!! I am enjoying it more this year than ever before. I think that long, long winter has really made me appreciate it.
Can't wait to see your sewing ;)
Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Jackie Greene. WOW, I love his music!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Outdoor concerts are the best!!