Friday, November 14, 2008

acorn caps and crispy leaves

today, while harper napped with daddy i ventured into the backyard and collected a bag of acorn caps for my friend heidi. they will be used for something crafty and wonderful. we gather the acorns from this old oak tree in september and bring them in for our nature table. i love these little caps~ they remind me of miniature tea cups. i was inspired to keep a handful for myself but don't know what they will become just yet.

and all of the dry leaves shed by the old oak will eventually make their way over to our garden beds to serve as mulch. but right now i am more inspired by the cute and tiny acorn caps than i am by the rake...

yours in seasonal celebration,


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Michelle said...

My 2nd daughter loves acorns. She has quite an affinity for squirrels, and she knows squirrels love acorns. She had me crochet a little acorn for her little stuffed squirrel toy she has!