Sunday, November 09, 2008

one for that mama, one for this mama

i knit this sweet little soaker sack for my good friend heidi who is expecting her 4th baby very, very soon. it is organic merino hand painted in my Autumn Dance colorway. a soaker sack is worn over a cloth diaper and makes tiny baby diaper changes very easy as you can just pull it up, put on a new diaper and pull it back down. and they are just as cute as can be, don't you think!

this little soaker sack was created using the freckle mermaid skirt/soaker pattern.
it is a very clever pattern and i loved every second of this knit. and i simply cannot wait to meet the baby girl who will wear it!

now onto some selfish knitting. before heidi's blessing shower on friday i quickly cast on this little bolero so i would have something to knit while i was out with my girlfriends. something easy to knit while i was out. i knit the 3 inches of ribbing that night (how did i manage to choose a pattern with so much ribbing?!) and then started the lace pattern yesterday morning. i was using size 10.5 straight needles as suggested in the pattern. but my needle was not long enough and i couldn't see my lace repeats so, after 3 inches of lace i ripped back to the ribbing. this time i tried a size 10 circular needle with a 47 inch cable. the cable was driving me nuts and my lace pattern was just not working out. again, ripped back to the ribbing. this time i transferred my stitches to a size 11 circular with a 24 inch cable. so far so good. the cable length seems just right and i finally have the pattern all figured out. i hope! at this point i am determined to knit this pattern and it better be my very favorite article of clothing after all this!

so wish me luck~ i am off to spend a lazy afternoon with the kids. hot cocoa, movies, go fish (esme's new favorite) and lots of wonderful, wonderful knitting.
speaking of wonderful, have you seen this little giveaway yet? and go check out Grosgrain's brand new store~ sweet beyond belief!

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Heidi said...

I am so in love with it Erika...thankyou for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift!