Tuesday, November 25, 2008

butter and balm!

i promise, this will be the very last post about my shop for a long, long time! thank you for being patient with me!

i stocked lip balms and lip tints this afternoon as well as another new product~ Breathe Better Butter! it is an all natural and organic vapor balm that is perfect for little ones as we approach cold season. so please check it out!

in other news, i am just trying to get ready for the holiday that is upon us. i battled the grocery store with four kids yesterday... not fun! but i am looking forward to a yummy feast and a relaxing day with my family this thursday. i really do have so much to be thankful for!

counting my blessings,


kraftykash said...

4 kids in the store?? You are very inspiring! I rarely take my 2 and they are old enough to know better. Congrats on the lip balm!

Michelle said...

This is my baby's first holiday season, and I made the mistake of taking him for pictures at Walmart yesterday. Argh!! Luckily, I just had my 2 little ones. My husband and I did our shopping for the week on Sunday when my mom had the 3 big kids. 4 kids + grocery store any time (let alone Thanksgiving week!) is no fun!

I love the breathe better butter!! When we run out of baby rub, I am definitely going to stock up!