Tuesday, November 11, 2008

mama made babywearing!

continuing with the International Babywearing Week celebration i dug up some photos of a baby carrier that i made this past summer. in fact it is the baby carrier that i was sewing in my last post!

this is an Onbuhimo~ it is a traditional asian carrier that is similar to a mei tai but instead of straps at the waist it has rings for the top straps to thread through. this carrier is reversible~ you can see the other side and read more about it here. and you can see my very first onbu carrier in this post.

we love our onbuhimos and mei tais around here! don't let the long straps scare you. with just a little practice you can get your little one snug and secure quickly and easily and wear them comfortably for long periods of time.

check back this week for more babywearing posts from me as well as a video demonstration on how to use an onbuhimo.

and don't forget to visit adventures in babywearing for a chance to win something wonderful from nonny and boo!


sweetp said...

awww love the BW photos. I will do a BW post this week too, to celebrate :D

Anonymous said...

Love it! I think I need to look into that carrier more. I love mei tais but I really know nothing about onbu's.