Monday, May 25, 2009

birthday, birthday, BIRTHDAY!

we had another big birthday this weekend - this time it was esme's day, she turned six! to celebrate we had a big backyard bash for esme' and harper (since his birthday was just 11 days prior) that included food, friends and a huge amount of FUN!

our festivities included pinata, where our normally animal loving children beat a cute little creature with an aluminum bat until it split open and sugary treats rained down from it's broken body. the littles loved it!

seriously, i have no idea where he learned to pose like that, but it was darned cute. he stayed this way for several minutes giving all of us all a chance to grab our cameras and shoot!

esme' was indeed the princess of the party with her new furry companions, a pretty button necklace made by her friend dejah, and the wool felt crown that mama whipped up the night before. harper got a new crown too!

this is the first time that i have bought a cake for esme's birthday. it was such a busy week that i decided that $16.99 for a great big, fancy costco cake was worth it, especially when the payoff was my sanity. harper did not take part in blowing out the candles since he had just had his own cake on his actual birthday.

he did, however, eat his fair share of cake. the day ended with sticky, grimy, happy, hyper kiddos. we brought them in, soaked them in the tub, read them a few stories (new dr. seuss books received as gifts!) and tucked them into bed.

another birthday down, another year passed. but the celebration of these little lives will continue day after day...

gratefully yours,


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Looks like the Birthday party was alot of fun love the crowns:)
Athena's 3rd Birthday was Friday but we are waiting for Toms return in June to celebrate.
Saturday was my oldest Skyler's Birthday he turned 24 years old.
I knit him a hat and bought him some jelly bellys his favorite treat.
Wish I could be in Idaho to see all of you.((((Hugs))))) Darcy

kraftykash said...

Your kids look so sweet. Im glad they had such nice birthdays!

aubrey elliott said...

LOL harper's little pose is adorable! i can't believe how grown up the kids look! the party looks like it was a big hit! i'm a sucker for pinatas but i can never find a good place to hang 'em at our parties. :(

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Happy birthday kiddos! Looks like a great party! (Those are great crowns Erika... you will have to post a how to on that one. ;) )


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday. I went the purchased cake this year as well. I typically make them as well, but I just couldn't find it in me this year. Perhaps I'll give K-Girl's a try at the end of the month.

Happy birthday to both of your kiddos!