Monday, May 18, 2009

seasonal celebrations swap #2 SUMMER!

it is time for the celebrate summer swap!

what is the seasonal celebrations swap? the seasonal celebrations swap is an exchange that incorporates handmade crafts, nature, and family traditions. participating in this swap is a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new season as well as adopting new traditions and ideas into your family. the swap will focus on handmade, seasonal nature table and home decorations.

how do i join? simply send an e-mail to InspiredMama(at) with celebrate summer swap in the subject line and the following information::
e mail::
blog address::

to your partner you will send::
1. a handmade seasonal decoration. this can made from fabric, yarn, wood, pinecones, paper... the sky (and your seasonal backyard) is the limit. the decoration can be something to include in a nature table display, a table cover in spring colors, a vase to hold seasonal flowers or branches...

2. share with your partner your family's tradition to welcome summer- this can be as simple as a summer poem or a summertime craft. or maybe it is a cultural tradition that you would like to share. you could also include photos of your tradition in action or the supplies needed to create your summertime craft.

3. your favorite seasonal recipe.

sign up until friday may 29th, and then i will send an e-mail with your recipient's name the following evening. swap packages should be ready and shipped by saturday june 20th, the first weekend of summer! that will give us 3 weeks to work on this project.

please feel free to go above and beyond when creating your swap partner's package, but do not skimp- we want everyone to be thrilled when they receive their seasonal celebrations swap package! also, please, please let me know as soon as possible if something comes up and you are unable to fulfill your swap obligation. there is also a seasonal celebrations swap flickr group where we will discuss the swap and share photos, so be sure to go join! there are several photos there from the spring swap to give you some ideas and inspiration.

the fabulous thing about this swap is that there will be a brand new one with each new season! i am looking forward to celebrating summer with you all!


kraftykash said...

Im in! This was so much fun in the SPRING.

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

count me in, too! i was sad about missing the spring one. i will shoot you an email in a bit.

Tintel said...

Like to join. The spring one was fun!

Katie said...

I would love to join...but we are in the process of moving and that goes until June 30th, I will be sure to sign up for the Autumn swap!