Tuesday, July 28, 2009

for the fairy that visits

guess who lost another tooth. and guess who didn't have a tooth pillow ready, again. in my defense she doesn't give me any warning or time to prepare for the event. she informs me of such things by emerging from her bedroom giggling like crazy and plops a tiny tooth into my hand.

within a half hour of the second tooth loss i was sitting in front of my sewing machine creating a proper tooth receptacle. i used some red hemp from a pair of pants i hemmed a few weeks ago, and wool felt for the pocket and heart. the whole thing came together in about 15 minutes. and my little creation, i am told, made the tooth fairy's job much easier than digging under the pillow of an excited, light sleeper... i'm happy to have helped!


Barbara Myltschenko said...

Erika, now that is a good mama! The pillow is so cute!

kraftykash said...

Cute idea! Esme looks so proud.

Michelle said...

Hello! My name is Michelle. I just started a tooth fairy blog for parents/kids to share their toothfary stories. I think that your daughters story and your pillow would be a great addition. Please check out the site and tell me if you are interested. If you are I can copy your story/picture and link people back to your blog. Please email me at michelle@custombymichelle.com if you are interested. The site is http://www.toothfairyblog.com