Friday, July 31, 2009


harper is busy digging clothes out of my dresser drawers. now esme' has joined the party. it is time to get out of bed whether i like it or not. i take breakfast orders- yogurt with granola for one, toast and banana for the other. easy enough. i beg the coffee pot to brew faster.

when breakfast is over it is time for bath. they needed one badly last night, but harper was ready for bed earlier than usual. once the grime is rinsed away we are ready to go outside and play before the afternoon heat sets in.

outside, harper immediately loses a shoe. i finish hanging the cloth diapers on the clothesline while esme' searches for it and harper follows close behind chanting "shoe! shoe!" when my laundry basket is empty i head over to water the garden where i find a little shoe tucked up under a pumpkin leaf. relief, it didn't go over the fence as i was beginning to suspect.

the garden was generous this morning. 6 cucumbers, 2 acorn squash, 3 zucchini, and a handful of cherry tomatoes. i ate every single ripe tomato right there in the yard. after watering i decided to clip the newly formed blooms off the tops of my neglected basil plants. the first couple handfuls went into the compost bin, but then i thought about my wilting herb bouquet on the mantle and saved the rest for a new arrangement. as i was clipping some lavender and wildflowers to accompany the basil blooms i heard wild laughter coming from the yard. i looked over my shoulder and saw a naked two year old streak by. whoops, i didn't sunscreen those areas. time to go inside, it was getting too hot anyway.

in the house now, eating popscicles, watching sesame street, thinking about lunch. and nap time. and more coffee. i am savoring the season, before it slips away. and savoring my babies even more...

photo by lucinda.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I know it goes by so fast doesn't it.We made banana bread 2 loaves today and I have been decluttering the house and garage and soon I will need to get the girls ready for preschool and kindegarten.I love coffee;)Hugs Darcy

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What a magical post. I love the photo too... it's beautiful. My naked 2 year old is sitting in my lap, telling me that he wants to go to bed. I guess a morning of garagesaling was too much for him. ;) It's hot here too... library movies and popcorn for lunch for us.

Love your post. Really really loved it.


heather jane said...