Saturday, October 09, 2010


new {to him} toys.
we joke that this is his command center. he is already pretty handy with all the little controls and knobs and levers like he knows just what they are for. now, to take over the world...

new {to me} studio.
i recently took possession of this spare bedroom in our home and we are in the process of transforming it into a sweet little sewing-crafting-creative-happy-mama space. the walls are no longer pale green. you will have to wait for my next batch of photos to see what color i chose. this project is far from over but already the change is quite amazing and it is feeling like mine. paint is magic.

happy weekending, friends!


chelsea said...

Luca is so sweet and how exciting to have your own space! That is one of the things that my next house MUST have, a studio for me and a place where I can set up my dyeing stuff that is not in my kitchen :)

< 3 said...

love luca's control center!!! awesome! gosh, babies grow way too fast!
your new studio is exciting! i need to come see you. soon. <3