Sunday, October 10, 2010

pondering, planning, daydreaming

hey, remember the seasonal celebrations swaps? i think i hosted three seasons... spring, summer and autumn. a winter swap didn't happen. what did happen is life and i was pregnant and tired, then i had a tiny baby and big kids to care for and we were busy, busy, busy... so no surprise that the swaps were forgotten.

ah yes, those swaps sure were a whole lot of fun.

you can view all of my swap posts here- scroll down and you will see the seasonal celebrations posts. and there is a flickr photo pool where we shared our creations.

what do you think, friends? should we start planning a swap to celebrate winter and give our upcoming season a proper welcome? if there is interest let me know as i would love to put this idea in motion once again.

yours in renewed and rediscovered inspiration (!),


be said...

i'm up for any swaps this year! i was too pregnant and tired to do any last year! <3

Barbara Myltschenko said...

I've never done a swap. Might be fun!! But just for you Erica.

Holly said...

Sounds like fun to me!

Bending Birches said...

yay for swaps...count me in!