Friday, April 15, 2011


daddy had the day off today so he got up and fed and entertained the kids while i slept in a bit. i was sick with a mild case of mastitis last night and was relieved to be feeling better when i finally got up.

today was luca's day at flying pie pizzaria so we took him out to try his very first pizza.

lots of yummy veggies with fresh tomato slices on the side. big yum! he is hooked.

daddy just went to the store to pick up the distilled water he needs to start his next batch of homebrew - a german altbier this time. can't wait! and he is going to stop by the redbox so the littles and i can snuggle and watch a movie while he is brewing.

and i have a lovely slice of lemon cake in the fridge that he brought home from work for me yesterday. i think i will wait until the kids are in bed before i indulge in cake. oh, and tea. and perhaps a homebrew with my sweetie.

happy friday, friends!

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Jessica said...

so cute!!! yummy veggie pizza!