Thursday, April 14, 2011

small style :: mama knit

it turns out my dear husband has a strong adversion to sweater vests. i suppose this is perfectly reasonable for a fellow his age but come on, is there anything cuter than a sweet baby boy in a hand knit sweater vest?

so it became quite an ordeal when i cast on this little sleeveless hoodie for luca. first daddy begged me not to put our little guy in a dorky sweater vest. then he teased me every time he saw me working on it. finally he just gave up and kept his opinions to himself. and this morning when i carefully buttoned it onto the baby for the first time he admitted that it really is pretty adorable. ha, i win.

here are the project details ::

neddles - addi turbos in sizes 6 and 7

yarn - wool of the andes from knit picks

the green is "avocado" and the contrasting color started out a pale blue ("rain" i think) but it was a little blah so i kettle dyed it in these amazing dark blues, purples and brown.

those buttons were in my stash, i think they came off of a tattered vintage shirt before it was tossed.

i love every delicious little thing about this vest. and i think inspired daddy is sweater vest smitten too...

today i am linking up with mama loves papa.

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