Saturday, April 16, 2011

a whole lot of things i love.

today was the opening day of the capital city public market. that means it really {really} is spring. we were spoiled with perfect market weather. my family spent the entire morning walking and browsing and sampling and seeing lovely friends hard at work in their booths.

there were a lot of street musicians out and about. i was especially drawn to this couple because if you look real close you can see that she had a happy little person hanging out on her back while she entertained.

saturday market-washboard playing-sweet song singing-baby wearing-adorableness. local coffee! YES please, YUM thank you! luca enjoyed napping in the sun next to the big fountain.
harper and esme had their little mouths stuffed full of local flavors, and enjoyed freshly handcrafted mint-limeade to wash it all down.
a mama and daddy self portrait. too bad we aren't nearly as cute as our kids.
we stepped in to a favorite bookstore while we were downtown and found this gem ::

it is full of whimsical and wonderful outdoor projects and is just the inspiration i have been craving. we have already marked the pages with projects that we are anxious to dive into.

oh, and one more bit of happy, my tulips out front have started to bloom. they are sadly planted in a not-so-good spot and get full, hot afternoon sun so they usually wilt and wither after only a couple short weeks. every year i declare my intertions to dig up the bulbs and move them to a more suitable spot, but every year the time to do so passes me by. so i will just enjoy their beauty while it lasts, and also make a public announcement that i plan to move these lovelies to a more suitable spot this year. for sure this time.

happy days, friends!


Janey said...

I wanted to LIKE this but alas there is no option to LIKE a link to a blog. Ah well, umm I guess I can say in a comment instead that "I LOVE this post!" the picts are fun the day was wonderful. You are so adorable!

Heather said...

I was so sad public market hadn't started yet when I was up there a few weeks ago. Well, guess that gives me another reason for a revisit. By-the-by, I really enjoy your blog.