Thursday, April 07, 2011

small style :: mama made trousers

does anyone remember the adorable little pocket pants i sewed for harper a couple years ago? we loved those pants so much. he rarely wore anything else.

you might assume that since we have a new baby boy in our house that those mama made trousers have been tucked away for him to grow into. but would you believe that harper is still wearing {and loving} them every chance he gets. it's true!

{harper modeling his new retro rockets pocket pants circa 2009} {harper wearing the same retro rockets pockets pants just this afternoon} flood pants with muddy chuck t's on a still-three-but-very-close-to-four-year-old are actually pretty darned cute.
so no hand-me-downs just yet, but i have already started stitching up a new trouser stash for the new boy. and i checked, i have just enough retro rockets fabric left to make luca his very own pocket pants, just like his big brother's pair. and who knows, maybe i will be blogging down the road about how he loves them and wears them and doesn't want to let them go. mama hopes.

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Morgan said...

Get out of here, you did not make those. SO cute! And, they look so comfy, too. Harper is adorable and I love this name.

Thanks so much for participating! :)