Wednesday, May 23, 2012

birthday number nine for esmé*

our sweet and sassy esmé rose is NINE today! 
nine. half way to 18. the last year her age will be in the single digits. a great big girl who loves bright red nail polish, skinny jeans and who desperately wants her ears pierced. 
when she was born a family friend said her name sounded like pig latin so we called her esmé-ooyay for a long time. and esmé rosie-toes. and her papa likes to call her esmé bublé, just because it has a nice ring to it.

here is esme's eighth birthday post.
this is a sweet post showing how she has changed and grown over the years.
and her love for crafting and creating can be seen here and here.

looking back at blog entries and photo albums today has brought us lots of smiles and some laughter as we remember all the fun and special times we have shared. i wonder how in the world i got so lucky to have such a cool little chick in my life.

happiest birthday, little miss.

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