Thursday, May 17, 2012

cloud dough*

have you tried cloud dough yet, friends? i have seen recipes and tutorials all over the internet so earlier this week we decided to give it a try. 

i used vegetable oil in our blend instead of the more commonly used mineral oil just because i had a suspicious feeling one of my sweet boys would just have to sneak a taste...

cloud dough ::
8 cups white flour
1 cup vegetable oil

mix well, with your hands, and it is ready for play!

my boys loved it! they played for a good 45 minutes before losing interest. to be honest i quite enjoyed running my own fingers through the silky-soft dough as i mixed it up for them. it is a lovely sensory experience, for sure. it is mold-able too so you can make little cloud dough castles! i set them up on our deck to play in the morning sunshine. it was quite messy but i was able to sweep it up pretty easily. the leftover dough is still very soft, several days later, so i am guessing it can be played with over and over until it is gone.

so there you go, friends! go mix up a batch and have some messy, creative play time with your kiddos!

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