Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mama musings*

my little guy is sick today. or it might be allergies. either way he is miserable, whiny and clingy. so we are spending the day on the couch cuddling and watching movies and drinking emergen-c in our green smoothies.

i missed sew, mama, sew's big giveaway day. i knew it was coming up but it completely slipped my mind until i started cruising around blogland this morning and everyone i read has an amazing offering posted. i have participated in every single giveaway day until now. i am not sad really. i still have lots of time to enter!

also note worthy, i have never won a giveaway day prize. i think it is time for my luck to change, yes? there are several things that i would be thrilled to receive - amazing quilts, lots of flea market fancy charm packs and jelly rolls, some fun patterns, an adorable handmade book 3 pack...

it rained last night (or maybe early this morning?) and i am so happy to not have to water the garden today. the garden in which the squirrels are digging up itty-bitty plant by itty-bitty plant {angry face!} a couple friends suggested sprinkling cayenne pepper around the plants. i plan to give that a try and will let you all know how it goes. and of course i am open to any other suggestions because it is killing me to see my sweet little seedlings destroyed!
cool, rainy weather also makes cuddling with a sick little monkey wrapped in a quilt more tolerable.

okay friends, i am off to enjoy a lazy tuesday on the couch in a messy room with movies and a second round of green juice. and perhaps a few more giveaway entries... wish me luck!

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