Monday, May 07, 2012

luca turns TWO*

adorable brothers.

new wheels.

niko's amazing handmade gift for luca.

niko also made his cake!

birthday boy!
i can hardly believe my sweet baby boy is two years old. it was a lovely day for a birthday celebration, but unfortunately i woke up with a terrible migraine. i get them every 3-4 weeks. i felt it coming on when we went to bed last night but hoped (oh, how i hoped!!) that i would feel better this morning. no such luck. my sweet husband let me sleep in a little and then he played with the boys out front until lunch time. i mostly laid on the couch feeling sick but i did go out to see my little guy on his new birthday bike and hear him ring his bell over and over. harper is now requesting a bell for his bike!

after lunch luca and i curled up together and napped on the couch while harper watched a movie. it was a long and cozy nap, exactly what i needed. 

when the big kids came home from school we played in backyard, blowing bubbles, watching chickens and observing garden progress. niko baked the most delicious chocolate cake with buttercream frosting for her baby brother. she also made him that amazing poster pictured above - she has been working on it for weeks. i can't wait to find the perfect place to display it for him! such a special gift ♥

as i nursed my sweet little luca to sleep tonight i thought about holding him in my arms and nursing him for the very first time two years ago. i am overcome with love and gratitude for this family of mine. i really am a lucky, lucky mama!

here is the blog post where i announced luca's birth, and here we finally decided on a name for our new baby boy. in this post he was one week old and i pleaded for him to "grow slow". and here is his first birthday post.

happiest birthday, love. we are blessed beyond measure to have you in our lives!

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