Wednesday, June 12, 2013

sourdough*not just another farmette pet

I successfully made a sourdough starter a few weeks ago. I have stirred it daily and fed it weekly. I lovingly clean it's jar twice a week and change the organic cotton cover whenever needed. It kinda-sorta sounds like caring for a little pet, right?
I tried baking bread with my meticulously maintained starter but it did not turn out. I also made pizza dough. Eh, it was okay, but it could be way better. I am going to do some tweaking to make it closer to perfect this weekend.
The one thing I have been making regularly with delicious results are sourdough pancakes.  Lovely batter is started right before we go to bed and finished up while the coffee brews in the morning and then cooked to golden perfection in coconut oil.
Our batter is a pretty pale orange thanks to the spelt flour and fresh eggs from our backyard coop!

Plate full of glorious real food breakfast!

We serve them with pats of grass fed butter and homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam that has been warmed up.
You can find the recipe that I have been using here ::
And here are instructions to make your own sourdough pet, er, starter ::
and one more good link ::
Oh, and if you have a wonderful sourdough bread recipe to share pretty please leave me a comment and I will love you forever! Thanks friends! xx 

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